It all started when…

Established in 2018, G.R Custom Art & Metalwork was started by two young blacksmiths, Rhett Lowe & Gina Coll. Rhett works full time as a pipe fitter in the local union. In his free time, he jumps headfirst into our shop based out of our home. While he is the resident handyman, he is also very passionate while metalworking. He’s always ready to blast that forge on and get some iron working in the fire. Gina is our full-time blacksmith/artist creating new pieces everyday and learning just as much as she is creating. Blacksmithing is an endless learning experience and we wonder if anyone could ever call themselves a “master blacksmith”, we doubt that is a person who’s learned EVERY trick in the book. After all it is one of the most ancient trades out there. And what shop isn’t complete without a dog! Rhett & Gina are just as obsessed with their dog, Jade, as they are forging. Jade is a german shepherd, pit-mix with a huge tolerance for the high-temp, loud barn. She loves to be in the shop as much as her owners. She knows when she can sneak in a few pets and when to stay the heck out of the way. If you see as at a trade show or art festival, you may be lucky enough to meet our Jade, if you’re with your kids – even better, kids love her & boy, does she love them! We are eager to serve our local community with our own hand-crafted art or custom jobs as needed.  With a fully stocked shop, we are able to take on any job requiring metal work! We can’t wait to forge a new connenction with you!