Gold Rose Bouquet

Gold Rose Bouquet


Everlasting Gold Metal Rose Bouquet adds a beautiful touch to any room. Are you spending money on flowers that will just die? Well, stop doing that silly! This rose bouquet is a wonderful gift because it will never die! Show someone in your life how beautiful you think they are by giving them a beautiful rose like this. It sits perfectly on a bedside table or office and is sure to put a smile on any face that sees it.

This rose is made out of 18g mild steel, 1/4 inch round stock with a 3/4 inch base that has was cut with a torch to give an awesome edge. Each petal is shaped with love to create this rose sculpture. Each rose is handcrafted differently and not one is the same. This unique rose bouquet is the perfect gift for an girlfriend, wife, mother or friend, one that they will appreciate forever.

This sculpture would look especially wonderful for a wedding centerpiece, something that can be marveled at throughout the whole special evening. I offer the option of renting these sculptures out for a large order - contact me for more details!

Specs: L 7" x W 8" x H 14"

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