Iron Lily 3 Hook Organizer

Iron Lily 3 Hook Organizer


This handmade key hanger offers three hooks for help with organization in your home. It's iridescent color gleems with purple, blue and gold hues in the sun light and resembles black steel when not in natural light. This versatile wall hanging can be placed and utilized anywhere in your home. Hang in your entryway to hang your car keys when you return home, hang in your kitchen for kitchen utensil storage, hang in your bedroom for jewelry storage, this hook set will add dimension to any room!

The hanger is made of steel, the leaves are hand forged out of 3/8" round stock and textured beautifully. The lilies are made of 16g steel and formed to resemble the beautiful lily flower, the stamen are made of 'T' pins. The hooks are forged from 1/4" round stock and rounded at the end to prevent damage to any clothing item hung on them. The main bar is 3/8" round steel and textured to resemble the stem of a lily.

This item is made to order and the size can be customized to your needs. Please contact me if you would like a customized hanger.

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