Industrial Steel Coffee Table

Industrial Steel Coffee Table


One of a kind, handmade steel coffee table that will fit in any contemporary home. It's industrial look is stunning and is sure to add to the ambiance of any room. The table base is it's original steel color and will complement any living room color scheme. The cubic twist table legs are a beautiful, geometrical design and is our personal favorite! They are made out of 1"x 1" solid steel, cut and twisted to create the stunning legs that you see. The legs have levelers so you can adjust the table once you get it into place to make sure it is perfectly level.

The modern metal maze that the glass sits on adds extra depth to the table adds an elegant touch to the overall aesthetic of the table. We love to add small details that may not be noticed at first glance but when looking closely at the table, one may observe that two of the piece that are used to connect the lattice design are also small cubic twists. It's the little things in life that make things more beautiful.

The table top is 1/4" tempered glass with a beveled edge, we chose this glass top with the thought of a home with children in mind. The glass top will not break easily and if it were, the tempered glass will not shatter into small pieces.

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We include cost of shipping in the price of the table so we will ship it to you at no additional cost. Please let us know if you are local and we will offer a price cut and will deliver it to you.