Scroll Coat Hanger - Iridescent Hue

Scroll Coat Hanger - Iridescent Hue


This handmade coat hanger was hand forged with love in our Michigan shop by our owner Gina. With multiple color options, this 4 hook design is sure to fit in with any decor around your home. Place it in your entryway to wow guests as they hang their coats or in your bedroom to put a smile on your face any time you need to hang any piece of clothing up. This is a great gift for anyone in your life! It adds functionality along with a beautiful, modern design to any home. Each color stands out beautifully and catches the rays of sun, sure to brighten the room.

The scroll design is formed out of 3/8 inch round steel and the hooks are also formed out of 3/8 inch round steel. The ends of the hooks are flattened out and rolled on themselves to reduce resistance and ware on clothing or hats hung on them.

Our iridescent color option was created with a fire patina to form a beautiful, black-ish, blue hue that reveals a purple and gold color in natural sunlight. It is finished with a natural beeswax and linseed oil coating that prevents it from tarnishing.

Specs: approx. L 29" x W 2.5" x H 9.5" - each variation has slightly different specifications, if you need exact measurements for one variation please message me for details.

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